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Hello friends and customers,

Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, we have unfortunately had to close our doors.

As such we are putting our Eco Living Bali business up for sale: trademarked brand, current stock, all recipes, equipment, marketing material, social media, supplier contacts, etc.

If you are interested please DM or email us for details. We are selling everything together for an all-inclusive price.

We provide Eco-Friendly products and Sustainable Body, Home and Lifestyle pieces which are handmade from high quality, simple and natural ingredients. Our products are safe to use and kind to the environment. What we cannot make ourselves, we source from small, local businesses who are like-minded.

We aim to improve our impact on the environment by raising awareness around global issues which impact us daily such as plastic pollution and toxic, chemical products which are harmful to our health and the environment.

We are passionate about funding movements that support charities in our community and which are close to our hearts.


All our eco-friendly products are plastic-free – from manufacturing all the way through to packaging and store placement. The natural, organic ingredients used in our products makes them safe to use and kind to the environment.

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