Many people are afraid of switching to solid shampoo bars, especially women who have their usual, reliable products. Although, finding the perfect solid products can also take some time, but the persistent search is absolutely wort it. Why? Read on and discover their top benefits.

1. Package- and plastic free

Naturally, this is by far the most important reason to make the swap. Unfortunately, there are statistics summarising facts and numbers only about water bottles so the exact number of haircare bottles waste is still unknown. In fact, despite any statistics, shampoo bars do not require any packaging, or they sometimes covered only with a single piece of recyclable paper.

2. Concentrated ingredients

Everyone must remember that liquid products can only make an impact when quite a big amount is applied on the hair. The reason is written in the ingredients – water is the first component. In contrast, it is impossible to use too much of solid bars, especially if applied directly on the hair (which is usually the recommended use). In this way, solid bars can last even up for a year, depending on how many persons of the family use them.

3. Practical for travelling

Plastic free travelling is one of the best things in life, especially with shampoo bars which are guaranteed not to spill. Moreover, there is no need to worry about any liquid restriction or spending time with looking for the small version of the favourite products, along with using that hotels have in every room. The only thing to do is just to drop the solid bar into a cute travel tin, and it is ready to be ported.

4. Healthier hair

Thanks to the gentle and natural ingredients of shampoo bars, not only the planet is saved from harmful artificial chemicals but hair too. While a lot of them is often too drying or make hair messy and finding the most fitting one takes time, hair becomes much healthier, happier and shines much brighter in the long run. Less is more – hair is grateful for not burdening it with several artificial, and often unknown constituents.

5. Saving money

As we mentioned above, shampoo bars last much longer than their bottled counterparts. They are usually more expensive than traditional shampoos but since is enough from them to completely cleanse the hair, their price pays off multiple times. In addition, when hair gets used to the beneficial ingredients, the frequency of hair washing will also decrease.

At first glance, using solid shampoo bars may seem complicated but it is actually not. A few times of hair washing is enough to completely get used to the procedure and it finally gets easier than it has been with liquid products.