We must face the fact that most people still do not keep environmental protection in mind when going to the store. They simply do not see and cannot imagine the harm that a bottle of shampoo can do to the planet. Although, switching to a plastic-free, eco-friendly lifestyle does not mean to have lack of anything – what is more, having reusable, best quality and longer lasting items instead, that can serve us even for years, without putting any pressure on the environment and on our health. According to this, here are five things why it is worth changing.

  1. Saving money

Though eco-friendly products can seem more expensive at first sight compared to those items that are available in stores, it is crucial to keep in mind that they actually last way much longer. Since eco-friendly products made from recycled or “well-recyclable” materials, such as metal, wood or glass, they are super durable and better quality. For instance, purchasing a Bübi Silicone Bottle and keeping it with you all the time can prevent you to buy a bottle of water in the closest store every time you get thirsty, and throw away the plastic bottle in a few hours.

  1. Improving health

It is not enough to think about the harmful impacts we put on the environment, but the effects that we are poisoning our own body with. All cleaning, hygiene and cosmetic products contain enormous amount of chemicals and artificial compounds that can cause several illnesses, diseases and allergies, damaging both the human body and the ecosystems. The best thing about eco-friendly products is that they are made from all-natural components, eliminating all the risky factors, just like the SOP Handmade, Cold Pressed Soap bars that were created with organic essential oils in several magnificent fragrances.

  1. Making things easier

Besides being eco-friendly, of course, the best features of these products are practicality and simplicity. Switching to a sustainable lifestyle may take time, but after getting used to that, it makes life much easier. Due to the durability of eco-friendly products, you do not have to pay attention to something that is about to run out all the time. In this way, you can spend less time with doing the shopping and eco-friendly products are all easily available in one place, or can be ordered online. Think about how much Non-Plastic Straws or Bamboo Toothbrush could help especially when travelling.

  1. Influencing demand

Economy and the market are driven by demand, i.e. every single purchase of people is a vote for the product they buy. According to this, if everyone started investing in eco-friendly products, market leaders and the biggest companies would realize that they must adapt to the changes. For example, if people changed from cotton pads to Re-usable Facial Rounds, the demand for cotton pads would dramatically decline and their production, which actually uses several litres of water would slowly stop.

  1. Personal morals and fair trade

In addition to being all-natural and biodegradable, most eco-friendly products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. On the other hand, they are often crafted by local manufacturers, hence eliminating the possibility of poor manufacturing, mass production or unfair working conditions. At the same time, this means that with buying eco-friendly products, you can support local companies, artisans too. For inspiration, check out our wide range of bags which are not only eco-friendly but super unique as well.

It is never too late to turn your lifestyle sustainable, even starting with a few, small changes. Visit our website for inspiration and solutions, and start to act now.

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