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5 Easy Steps to a Plastic-free Bathroom

Switching to a zero waste, plastic-free lifestyle is not as easy as it first seems. While gradually changing things to alternatives, it is important to keep in mind that just because you cannot wait to purchase those stylish, beautiful sustainable products, wasting those you already have would be a big mistake. Since the bathroom is […]

The History of Sarong

Sarong is often worn as a fashionable beach accessory lately, although its ancient history is often unknown. It is probably hard to say when sarong’s history actually started, what is sure is that it has been widespread for both women and men in Asia, the Arab Peninsula and the horn of Africa, representing different historical […]

Benefits of Shampoo Bars

Many people are afraid of switching to solid shampoo bars, especially women who have their usual, reliable products. Although, finding the perfect solid products can also take some time, but the persistent search is absolutely wort it. Why? Read on and discover their top benefits. 1. Package- and plastic free Naturally, this is by far […]

What is BPA and why you should avoid it

We can often meet the expression “BPA-free” on several products, especially on plastic-free items, but what does this actually mean? Why being BPA-free is a good point for a product? Read further, and be aware of the reason why to avoid it. What is BPA? BPA stands for bisphenol A which is an industrial chemical […]

5 benefits of Eco-friendly products

We must face the fact that most people still do not keep environmental protection in mind when going to the store. They simply do not see and cannot imagine the harm that a bottle of shampoo can do to the planet. Although, switching to a plastic-free, eco-friendly lifestyle does not mean to have lack of […]